Image result for surfingSurfing is becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. Whether you are young or old you should be able to enjoy surfing. Our site is designed to inform the reader of the many aspects of the sport.

This includes some of the best places in the world to enjoy the sport. We have two separate articles on this topic. One is for experts whereas the other is for those who are just beginning to enjoy the sport.

Surfing allows people to attempt a number of different world records. Some of these are genuinely impressive and include surfing the world’s largest wave. Others are more novelty and include the biggest surf board ever designed. We have a section that lists some of the more absurd world record surfing attempts. The section also talks about some of the more skilful records broken by professional surfers.

The theme of surfing has been seen in casino games both in the real world and online. In one section we talk about the reasons for why this is the case. We also discuss the recent legislation that will soon affect the theme of surfing within online casino advertising.

It is important to stay safe while surfing. One of the biggest hazards is dangerous weather. For this reason we dedicate a section to tips on what to do during a rain or lightning storm. We also give advice on how the weather can on occasion attract sharks and what to do in this scary situation.