Surfing In Bad Weather

Related imageOne of the things that all surfers soon learn is that the weather is an ever fickle, constantly changing entity. One day it will be sunny and calm, the next day it can be a thunderstorm that makes surfing virtually impossible. An important survival tip for surfers is to learn what to do when the weather suddenly gets bad while they are in the water.

During the summer months you are more likely to experience a thunderstorm. This is the season were surfers are also more likely to see lightning. If you are out in the water then you will naturally not have any shelter from which to take cover in. Unfortunately you will not have a place to hide from the the nasty weather.

If you happen to still be on the beach at the time when a storm begins to build up then it is a smart idea to not get in the water. Instead get away from the open areas and back to your vehicle. If you are out in open water in this situation then it is important to remain calm. If you are out in the deep surf then head back to your boat. If you are in the shallows then head back to land.

Sometimes when heading back to the coast a surfer can move too quickly and overexert themselves. This is as much a danger as the storm itself. Therefore it is important to not panic and move through the water swiftly at a consistent pace.

If the rain is merely light and not followed by a storm then this should not deter you from the surf. In fact it may put others off and make the water less full of people. Hail is another matter entirely. It has been known for surfers to hold their boards over their heads as cover.