Survival Tips

Image result for Survival Tips surfingObviously, one of the things a surfer will want to do is ride the biggest wave that they possibly can. The professionals have been known to ride some absolutely colossal ones. However, those who are just starting out need to know their limits. It can be tempting to head out into open water during times of bad weather. This makes sense since it will be the time when the waves may be their highest. However, this can be a dangerous move.

Preparation is key before even dipping your toe into the water. During times when the weather is exceptionally cold it is crucial that surfer wear the right gear. A wet suit or dry suit is an important accessory for even the most seasoned of surfers.

One useful thing to remember when out in the water is that heavy rain can often also bring with it heavy wind. Each beach is unique and the weather can affect in different ways. Knowing the best places to go is another useful bit of preparation. If you are aware of the dangerous and safe areas of the coast you are surfing on then it allows you to make an informed decision. It also makes sure that your surfing day is as safe as it possibly can be.

After it has finished raining outside of river mouths the water can often become murky. This increases the chances of a shark attack. It should be remembered that you are very unlikely to ever be attacked by a shark. The chances of this event occurring is one in nine million. Regardless, it can be a very frightening thought and being vigilant of the danger areas can decrease the chances even further. Sharks are attracted to river mouths because it is a source of food. Therefore it is best to avoid this area if it starts to rain heavily.