Breaking Surfing Records

Image result for Records surfingAnyone can achieve a surfing world record if they put in the right amount of time and effort. It takes years to become a professional surfer and even then it is not guaranteed that a record can be broken. Worse still, even if you do break a record someone else could go even further with it and steal your titles in a couple of years later.

Therefore someone should never get into surfing simply because they want to break a difficult world record. They should surf because they love the sport. If you are serious about being the very best surfer you can be or even become one of the very best in the world then it will take a lot of commitment in terms of time. It takes an exceptional amount of effort but if it is something that you really want to do then it will be very rewarding when you achieve your goals.

However it must also be remembered that there are plenty of novelty record attempts out there. This means that a surfer can try to break a world record that does not require an exceptional amount of skill and is merely silly. This can be something as juvenile as “Longest Time Spent Surfing While Dressed As A Clown.”

When attempting to break a record the person should take the necessary safety precautions. They should never attempt to ride a wave that is way above their current skill level. There are several safety factors to consider to keep yourself safe. You need to be properly kitted up and appropriately hydrated. You also need people watching so that they can rescue you if things go wrong. It goes without saying but you also need to have a record official present in order to document and verify the attempt.