Largest Wave Surfed

Image result for Largest Wave SurfedIt is one of the most lauded records for any surfer to break. Being able to say that you rode the largest wave of anyone in the sport is something that all surfers would love to boast about. Throughout the years this record has been broken several times.

To date the most recent record broken was in April of 2018. It was a Brazilian surfer who was lucky and skilful enough to achieve the record. Rodrigo Koxa rode the colossal wave while out on the coast of Portugal. The wave was exceedingly high even for a professional. It was 80 feet in height. This is around 24 and a half metres. The surfer later told the press after attaining the prize that it was the “best day” of his entire life.

Rodrigo Koxa follows in the footsteps of a handful of others who have dreamed of riding the world’s largest of waves. Garrett McNamara rode a slightly smaller wave than Koxa in November of 2011. The wave was 78 feet in height. At the time he was the reigning record breaker. Like Koxa this wave was also surfed on the coast of Portugal.

Nazare appears to be the best place in the world to attempt this record. McNamara lost his record status to Carlos Burle in October of 2013. These types of waves are known to be exceedingly dangerous. Around the time of the Burle wave another surfer, Maya Gabeira was knocked unconscious following a wipe out. Thankfully she was quickly rescued.

A number of surfers have not been so lucky in their pursuit of riding monster waves. Even some of the most experienced professionals have gotten themselves into danger. It is an extremely hazardous thing to attempt. Therefore it is important that all surfers respect the capabilities of the ocean.