Novelty Record Attempts

Image result for Novelty Record Attempts surfingWhen someone looks at the different record attempts ever broken they will usually find they are one of two categories. Either the attempt is an impressive demonstration of skills that have taken years to perfect. Or they are very silly. When it comes to surfing there are numerous novelty records attempts that have been well documented.

It can be difficult to imagine but at one time there were 66 people all riding one surf board. The board itself was 42 feet in length and there are various images that recorded the event. They show the sheer sense of novelty and silliness of the record attempt. This record was broken in 2015 in California.

There is even a record for the highest number of surf boards to ever be stacked on top of a car. The official number is 282. The group of surfers then drove the car to the California coast which was 100 feet away.

These records are not restricted to those performed by actual surfers. They also include people who are simply fans of the sport. In Hawaii Donald Dettloff owns the largest number of surf boards in the world. His collection amounts to 647 in total and is likely to increase. It took Donald Dettloff 15 years to amass this impressive collection.

If you ever wanted to know what the longest surf board in the world is the answer is 42 feet. It was created by Epic Big Board Ride and can fit numerous people at once. Not all surfing is performed at sea. In 2016 a man named James Cotton surfed 10.6 miles across the Kampar River in Indonesia.

What these records show is that the surfing community are a fun and lighthearted bunch of people. They are not afraid to be silly in the name of record attempts.