Best Surf Spots For Novices

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Cornwall is the go-to location for those who want to try their hands at surfing for the first time. This area in particular is a great choice because it is large and away from the more heavily populated surfing spots like Newquay. It even has an academy there that teaches beginners a number of extreme sports.

  • Saltburn

This beach is in Cleveland is one of the birthplaces of British surfing. Whichever side of the pier you decide to swim in you are bound to find some great waves to test your new skills with. There is a nearby surf shop where you can hire boards and even arrange lessons if you are completely new to the sport.

  • Pease Bay

Scotland is usually a better place to surf if you are at an expert level. This is because of the crazy waves that the North Sea produces. However, there are a few spots where beginners can get their boards in. This is the ideal bay because the waves are not so extreme and is a tried and tested area.

  • Llangennith

In all of Wales this is probably the most lauded place for surfing. It is extremely popular especially in the Summer. The beach is three miles long and produces some fantastic waves that can be enjoyed by all levels. One issue is that the place can become quite crowded in the busy season. Beginners also need to look out for more dangerous surf as well.

  • Bournemouth

The local surfers of this tourist destination have created an artificial reef that gives them some great waves. Unfortunately for experts the surf here can be disappointing. However, it is ideal for those who are just starting out. It has a surf shop and school as well as all the amenities you could need.