Best Surfing Spots For Experts

  • Thurso East

This Scottish location has some exceptionally large waves. This is well known by surfers and therefore the sea is often busy, especially in the warmer months. Visitors have been advised to be polite and courteous to the locals of the area. It is known throughout Europe and has a big reputation. This is the main reason why so many people decide to ride their boards there.

  • Freshwater West

Pembrokeshire offers surfers the chance to ride some very powerful waves. The reef in the area also produces some very high and sketchy ones. Therefore the waves should only be attempted by those who have enough experience.

  • Image result for Freshwater West BeachFreshwater West Beach

Located in Wales, Freshwater West Beach is known throughout the world for the huge waves that make it one of the most ideal surfing destinations. There is one issue, however. You must get permission before you are able to legally surf here. The reason for this is not because they want to avoid overpopulation. In fact the real reason is that there is a firing range nearby.

  • North Shore, Hawaii

This American location is known by experts for the great swells that are produced. It has waves that are very challenging even for those who have spent years perfecting their skills at the sport. Those who want to experience the very largest waves it has to offer should book their trip for the Winter. On the other hand if they want a more gentle yet still challenging surf they should go for the Summer instead.

  • Puerto Escondido

Mexico has some truly fantastic coasts which are well worth exploring. This one in particular is well known for having exceptionally heavy waves. They have been known to snap the boards of surfers. This makes the surf here dangerous enough to not be attempted by beginners.